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marketing agency in Málaga

Full-Service Marketing agency In Málaga

WannaRoi, your full-service marketing agency in Malaga. We are not like any other! We are your top consultants for digital growth.

Clients, Leads, sales, visibility, Branding, Do you want it done better? We help you! We will help you significantly improve your results in your campaigns and understand the internet world to find the most return for your marketing actions. We will show you along the way how and why we do what we do!

Because digital marketing shouldn’t be for only a few companies, especially when is so crucial for Digital growth!

That’s why we offer a wide range of services in which we have the perfect team to excel

PPC Marketing

Do you want to advertise your products or services on Google Ads or Bing? We are SEA experts, we will help you to increase your sales, keeping a positive ROI!

If your product has been searched, PPC Marketing can be your best ally to obtain RESULTS. But there is a problem, if your product or service has more companies and you do not appear in the first search results, you will go practically unnoticed.

At WannaROI, we are specialists in Google Ads! we carry out SEA campaigns focused on conversions and sales, campaigns to improve branding, campaigns to capture leads from potential customers through landing pages, traffic campaigns, video, display, and more.


Search Engine Optimization

If you are still wondering why your company needs an SEO agency, the answer is straightforward: traffic and sales.

SEO strategies are essential to increase the visibility of your website in Google results.

To do this, at WannaROI, we study and analyze the factors affecting positioning to improve them and do your business among the first results in Google searches.

Make your website show organically in the firsts Google results. Boost your results like never before!


Social-Media Marketing

Have you ever thought about selling on social media? We will create campaigns tailored to your needs.

Creating campaigns on social networks has become the daily bread of an agency like ours. But why is it so essential to appear on social media? The answer is clear: to reach the public that did not know your products or services.

To obtain optimal results, we analyze your target audience to see which channels to invest in, making social campaigns tailored to your needs.


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Community Management

As a Social Media agency, we will help you achieve RESULTS.

A critical factor in digital marketing is to achieve an excellent online reputation through your Social Networks, gaining recognition of your brand and its philosophy.

As a social media agency, we will help you unleash the full potential of social media with a communication strategy along with an appropriate action plan. We adapt to your needs and your target audience with a tailor-made strategy focused on results.

We are your Social Media agency in Malaga. We adapt to your needs, and we have a complete design, copy, photography, and video team to have the best content and highlights from the competition.


Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing? Email Marketing is based on sending emails to a list of users in a database. This, always following a strategy, tactics and techniques to communicate information about your brand, promotions, services or to mobilize and retain your audience.

With these Email Marketing strategies for companies, you will reach potential clients to achieve the final sale. And it will also help you add value to your company, creating closer communication with the customer.

It remains one of the most effective and profitable marketing strategies for many companies. Of course, you have to know how to implement a good email marketing strategy.


Content Marketing

Start optimizing your texts and generating good content and Inbound Marketing strategy with WannaROI, your Content Marketing Agency.

What is content marketing? It is a methodology that combines marketing and advertising techniques in a non-intrusive way. An inbound strategy is created for your brand to attract and retain customers through the creation of content that adds value. In this way, we organically build customer loyalty without reaching them in an invasive manner.

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Professional Photography

If you want to make your products or services the most attractive, you have entered the best photography agency. We take photos of facilities, professional product photography and photography adapted to social networks to cover all your needs.

Remember, an image is worth a thousand words!

icono fotografía

Event Planning

If you are looking for an event planner, both online and in-person, at WannaROI, we are experts.

The organization of events and webinars are recommended marketing actions for large companies. But they can be held in different formats and sizes: from macro events for thousands of people to small online webinars to teach students.

We help you stay in touch with your target audience without having to worry about anything else.

icono webinars y eventos

Corporative Videos

If you are looking for a way to attract to your clients and send a more transparent, direct message. There is no better way than a corporative video!

With corporate videos for your company, get to your target audience in a closer and more enjoyable way.

Professional videos for companies are the most demanded by users, both on social media and the web. 80% of companies already use video as a marketing strategy to launch content, standing out among competitors who do not innovate in their promotion and dissemination tools. We use audiovisual language to attract and seduce your audience. We manage to convey your message and your value proposition differently, always giving it a unique touch.

logo vídeo corporativo

Web Design

Make your website shine throughout the night, and make it stand out from the crown! A good design is a key to success, and success means sales!

A good professional website design is essential to reach your potential customers. Nowadays, most users consult information, make their purchases or look for the location of a business through the Internet. Not having a website risks losing visibility, sales and competitiveness compared to others who have a website.

But also, it is not enough to just find a website creation company. But they have to be design professionals to create a unique, eye-catching and optimized platform for Google. What is the use of having a web page if it cannot be consulted from a mobile phone, if it is not found on Google or if users do not know how to use it?

From WannaROI, we offer you customized, responsive and optimized web design services, always with an attractive design.

logo diseño de páginas web

Web Maintenance

Having a website is an awful lot of work. That’s why we offer Web maintenance and technical audits. We will keep your website up and running consistently. No bugs, no fails, Goodbye 404!


logo diseño de páginas web

Graphic Design

Do you need a new shiny logo? Packaging design? Or any other graphic resource?. We’ve got you! Impress future clients with our creativity!

We are your best ally since we have a multidisciplinary audience that is an expert in different programs and subjects that will enrich each job as much as possible.

As a branding agency, we create elegant and tailored designs for each project, adapting them to the formats you need: web, printing, vinyl, packaging, illustration …

We create designs from the most aesthetic point of view and from branding, communication, or user experience. We give an original touch to each of our works

logo diseño grafico

Do you need more reasons to work with us?

resultados campañas en Google Ads
  • We do not tie customers. We won’t throw dust in your eyes. We share everything with our clients and teach them everything we do. Our goal is not to retain them but to help them achieve their goals.

  • Every day with a smile is better. It is so important to take care of both the quality of the service and that of our relationship. We think that with a smile our clients and our clients’ clients will be more satisfied.

  • Our work is not a game, but we enjoy it. Choose a job you like, and you will not have to work a day of your life. We love what we do, attracting clients, achieving results, promoting a brand …

  • A trained customer is a customer with better judgment We want our clients to know everything we do, why we do it, and how. Because a client who knows how their campaigns work has better criteria to make decisions about them.

  • We are not perfect We know that we can make mistakes, but the important thing is listening, sharing, and learning every day from each of our clients and their companies.

  • Our goal: your customers Because we know that our ultimate goal is not our clients, but our clients’ clients

If we work together, anything is possible. Here you will not stop smiling.

 Poke us by mail, tell us a little about yourself and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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